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Building glass for companies and individual customers

ACE Glass – glass for the construction market

Thanks to our advanced machine park, our company is able to meet the most complex customer needs with personalized orders.

The company specializes in the implementation of glass structures inside and outside buildings, including glass railings, glass walls, glass doors and glass stairs.

Our experienced assembly workers guarantee professional installation of ordered products.

We cooperate with interior designers, construction companies, interior design manufacturers and individual customers.

At work we focus on the highest quality and reliability of service.

Check out our offer and feel free to contact us for pricing.

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Balustrady szklane do przestrzeni biurowych
Glass design in the Szafirowa 4 tenement house in Suchy Las near Poznań

ACE Glass Offer

Our offer includes the following glass panels

Internal construction made of glass:
  • glass railings,
  • glass countertops / counters,
  • glass doors,
  • glass panels with foil, glass with photo foil,
  • mirrors,
  • glass floors,
  • glass stairs,
  • glass walls.

Exterior buildings made of glass:

  • balustrades and external glass partitions,
  • doors and glass partitions,
  • winter gardens,
  • canopies and canopies made of glass.

Glass in our offer

Our offer includes the following types of building glass:

  • laminated glass,
  • safety glass,
  • fire-resistant glass,
  • soundproof glass,
  • curved glass,
  • curved glass,
  • insulated glass,
  • solar control glass,
  • patterned glass,
  • stained glass.

All types of glass available in our offer are described in detail on the Glass subpage.

Glass processing

In addition, we offer glass processing services: cutting glass to size, grinding and polishing the edges of glass, drilling holes in glass, laminating glass and UV bonding, as well as glass decoration: sandblasting, painting glass with resin paints, laminating glass with photo foil, bending glass and stained glass.

ACE Glass production halls video