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AceGlass - glass for indoor and outdoor development

We are a manufacturer of glass and ready-made glass products for construction applications (including glass balustrades , glass stairs , glass buildings and walls , winter gardens, glass roofs) and decorative glass for interiors (including shower cabins, glass panels, stained glass).

Various types of glass combined with a modern machine park for its processing allow us to offer comprehensive solutions for interior designers, construction companies, interior decor producers and individual clients.

Glass railings

Glass walls and buildings

Glass stairs

Glass doors and sliding systems

Glass products according to application

The outdoor glass offer includes glass balustrades and fences, glass doors and partitions , winter gardens and glass roofs.

Products for internal construction include: glass countertops and counters, shower cabins, photo foil panels, glass balustrades , mirrors as well as floors and stairs.

Exterior building

Internal construction

Glass decoration and processing services

As part of the glass decoration offer, we offer the following products: 3D mirrors and mirrors with ornaments, laminating, painting and sandblasting of glass, as well as bent glass, ornamental glass, glass with photofoly and stained glass.

As part of the glass processing offer, we provide the following services: glass cutting to size, edge grinding and polishing, laminating, cutting holes and glass installation assembly.

Glass decoration

Glass processing

Types of glass in our offer

Types of glass available in our offer: safety glass, sound-absorbing glass, toughened glass, intelligent glass, fireplace glass, laminated glass, fire-resistant glass, insulated glass, bent glass, stained glass, sun protection glass.

Types of glass

Szkło gięte
Bent glass
Szkło ornamentowe
Ornamental glass
Szkło bezpieczne
Safety glass
Szkło dzwiękoszczelne
Soundproof glass
Szkło inteligentne
Smart glass
Szkło ogniochronne
Fire-resistant glass
Szkło zespolone
Insulated glass
Szkło z witrażami
Stained glass
Szkło przeciwsłoneczne
Solar control glass