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Exterior design glass

Glass is now readily used by architects in the design of railings, doors or canopies. The use of the best materials guarantees durability for years.

Elements for external development are made of the highest quality tempered glass, laminated glass, transparent glass, coloured glass as well as smart glass and solar control glass.

External glass railings are an aesthetic and stylish solution. The combination of frosted metals and clear glass gains increasing application in contemporary architecture.

Our company has a wide range of glass railings made of tempered, laminated, transparent as well as coloured glass (point-fixed or line-fixed).

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Glass doors are made entirely of tempered and laminated glass. We frame the glass with stainless steel fittings of various types and finishes. It is possible to decorate the glass (e.g. by sandblasting).

They are ideal for illuminating rooms, as they let the light through well. The combination of modern trends with tradition gives elegance and order to the interiors of offices and apartments.

More about the product: glass doors.

Winter Gardens are an alternative to lighting a room. Almost unlimited freedom of form, color and equipment planning enables the application of solutions harmonizing with the building style, regardless of whether it is a new or modernized building. A winter garden will be an excellent proposition everywhere.

Glass canopies are an aesthetic and stylish solution. The combination of frosted metals and clear glass becomes more popular in modern architecture. Thanks to the wide range of fittings and fasteners our canopies are adapted to individual customer needs.

Choose glass canopies for your door

Our company provides customized glass canopies which will perfectly match the entrance door of your house. We guarantee solid workmanship, with the highest quality glass that will create an extremely strong and durable canopy.

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