Glass canopies

Glass canopies

The glass canopy is a stylish proposition, which will be perfect for both homes and businesses. They can be used on balconies and terraces, in front of the front door, above windows, and in other cases. Products from our offer look great and will always be a great choice. We recommend our aesthetic glass canopies that will meet even the greatest expectations. We have vast experience and we know how to combine high quality with an attractive price – we invite you to shop!

Glass canopy above the door

The glass canopy above the entrance not only looks beautiful, but is also very functional. Efficiently protects e.g. against rain, people waiting to enter or looking for keys. Additionally decorates the front of the buildinggiving it an interesting character. Every glass canopy over the door from our offer is made of the highest quality, strong and durable materials and with attention to even the smallest details. Thanks to this, we are sure that our products will meet even the greatest expectations.

Glass roofing for a terrace or balcony

Glass roofs are also perfect for terraces and balconies. We recommend them both for houses and flats, as well as for company headquarters. Thanks to them you can safely stay outside even in unfavorable weather conditions e.g. a light drizzle. We can make for you both glass roof over the balcony door, as well as professional, all-round glass roofing of the terrace. Projects of this type are made of toughened glass, characterized by high resistance, combined with elegant-looking metal.

Why is a glass roof a good idea?

We are able to make custom-sized glass canopies for you, as well as glass terrace roofingaccording to an individual project. We provide the highest quality of materials and workmanship, we also give a guarantee of satisfaction. If you are looking for durable and elegant solutions, the glass roofing proposed by us will be the best idea. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to place orders. We are ready to undertake even the most complex projects. Your satisfaction is most important to us!

Glass canopies - gallery

Below is a gallery of examples of glass roofing applications. Thanks to our technical capabilities and our knowledge of glass, we are able to make any complex design of glass canopies.

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