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Glass in our offer

As a manufacturer of construction glass from the Poznan area, we offer a wide range of glass for interior and exterior building applications, including glass for finishing. The offer includes, among others.
safety glass for balustrades
and fences, fire glass for doors,
glass walls
, conservatories and for fireplaces. We also recommend soundproof glass, bent glass, smart glass and insulated glass. We also prepare solar control glass for doors, glass walls, canopies and conservatories, as well as ornamental glass and stained glass.

Safety glass and other types of glass

Each glass has different characteristics and applications. Safety glass is also an anti-burglary glass, and smart glass makes it possible to save on heating and lighting. Ornamental and stained glass perfectly performs aesthetic functions, while solar control and soundproof glass – as the name suggests – protect rooms from heat and insulate sounds from the outside. It is also worth paying special attention to insulated glass, which is energy-efficient.

Below is a list of available types of glass along with their applications. We carry out our services both in Poznań and in every town in the country. As a Polish glass manufacturer, we ensure the highest quality of performance.

Safety glass

Szkło bezpieczne


Safe and anti-burglary glass protect against injuries in case of hitting the glass and protect against burglary. They are made of two or more layers of glass connected with a tear-resistant foil. The glass breaks upon impact, but pieces are held in the foil and remain tied in the frame. The more layers of foil are used, the greater the degree of safety we will achieve.

The use of safety glass

Safety glass is used in the following products:

Fire-resistant glass

Szkło ogniochronne


The protective glass we offer, in addition to the best fire protection, ensures high-quality transparency and access to natural daylight. In the event of a fire, fire-resistant glass provides a fire barrier and a barrier against smoke and gases. Provides full fire insulation for up to 180 minutes.

Fire-resistant glass – application

Fire-resistant glass is used in the following products:

Sound-absorbing glass

Szkło dzwiękoszczelne


Sound insulation is important when we live in a zone of increased noise. Sound-absorbing glass panes are laminated with special foils (as opposed to foils used in safety and anti-burglary panes). They are made of soft material to better suppress unwanted sounds.

Soundproof glass – application

Sound-absorbing glass is used in the following products:
Szkło bezpieczne

Bent glass

Szkło gięte


We offer bent glass (ordinary and tempered) and ornamental glass. Bent glass can be used both in furniture design and facades. We also bend glass sheets on individual orders, in frame and non-frame systems. We offer glass bending with the maximum dimensions of 4200 × 2400 mm.

Bent glass – application

Bent glass is used in the following products:

Smart glass

Szkło inteligentne


The use of intelligent glass reduces the costs of heating, air conditioning and lighting. It also allows you to reduce the costs of installation and maintenance of automation components and drives used in traditional sun visors. Smart glass allows you to switch between transparent and opaque state. Thanks to the electric voltage control, it is possible to adjust the degree of glass transparency, which enables the control of illumination and heating of the rooms. This gives great opportunities to create space for both architects and individual recipients.

Smart glass – application

Smart glass is used in the following solutions:

Insulated glass

Szkło zespolone


In the face of rising fuel and energy prices, the demand for the use of energy-saving technologies and materials in construction is increasing. It is desirable to use solutions that allow the maximum use of the advantages of an IG unit as an energy-saving product. Insulated glass is perfect to manufacture such products. For their production, we use glass coated with metal oxides, called low-emission glass, which in winter stop long-wave heat radiation.

Insulated glass – application

Insulated glass is used in the following solutions:
Szkło inteligentne

Solar control glass

Szkło przeciwsłoneczne


Solar control glass is not only an effective protection against unwanted heating of rooms, but also has very good thermal insulation properties, thanks to which they reduce heat loss in winter. Depending on the desired parameters (light transmission, light reflection, energy absorption), solar control panes have different colors. Clear (neutral) glass allows more light and energy to pass through, while tinted (dark) glass darkens the rooms.

Solar control glass – application

Solar control glass is used in the following solutions:

Ornamental glass

Szkło ornamentowe


Ornamental glass allows you to add a unique character to the space. Provides privacy while allowing light to pass through. It is an excellent material for architects and interior designers.

Ornamental glass – application

Smart glass is used in the following solutions:

Stained glass

Szkło z witrażami


The stained glass window, apart from decoration, also has utility functions – it protects from unwanted views and protects against excessive sunlight.

Thanks to the constant cooperation with the stained glass studio, we offer professional stained glass prepared for individual customer orders.

Stained glass – application

Stained glass is used in the following solutions:
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