Usługi cięcia szkła

Glass processing services

Modern machinery and experience allow us to offer comprehensive glass processing services in the field of:

In addition, we offer a professional, safe installation service for all our products.

Description of the glass decoration service, including sandblasting, pattern cutting, painting and others, can be found in the Glass decoration section.

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Cutting glass to size

We cut glass to size:

We cut glass to size:

  • from the entire range of flat float glass
  • laminated glass
  • ornamental glass
  • mirrors
  • fireplace glass
Usługa szlifowania szkła i polerowania krawędzi

Edge grinding and polishing

Grinding glass is a process which deprives the edges of the glass of unevenness and sharpness, as a result of which the edge of the glass pane is smoothed or takes the shape of polygons. Polishing the sanded surfaces makes them shiny. We provide this service as standard for edge grinding.

A modern grinder allows us to adjust the product to the expectations of a demanding customer. We can give the glass a variety of forms, and finish the edges in a way matching them to a specific product and its application.

We offer our customers the following glass edge grinding shapes

Glass grinding is possible for the following types of glass:

The minimum size of the glass150 × 150 mm
Glass thicknessflat and trapezoidal cut: 3-19 mm
Technical parameters / additional informationgrinding with machining accuracy
0.3-0.5 mm
maximum bevel width
depending on the thickness of the glass
(4 mm to 20 mm glass, but up to a maximum of 60 mm)
Applicationglass for interior decoration
(partition walls, glass shelves, glass stairs, glass doors),
furniture glass, glass tops, mirrors

Entrusted glass lamination

Laminated glass is created by permanently joining two or more glass panes using a special foil that holds the glass fragments after breaking the glass and reduces the risk of injury.

Depending on the requirements, e.g. for decorative purposes, you can choose different foil colors, laminate graphics, photos, etc. Such solutions are used, among others, in wall panels, replacing ceramic tiles.

Laminated glass is perfect for modern construction as partitions, railings and stairs.

To increase the resistance of the laminated glass to breakage and puncture, different thicknesses of foil and glass are used, and with a properly selected structure, laminated glass can act as anti-burglary and bulletproof. Increasing the impact resistance of laminated glass makes it possible to use toughened glass to make laminated glass.

Wycinanie otworów w szkle

Drilling holes

We perform drilling in glass in the range from 5 mm to 70 mm for glass with a thickness of 4-19 mm. Previously drilled holes can be chamfered ( chamfering the edge of the hole in the glass into a conical shape ).

We offer drilling for the following types of glass: