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Glass decoration services

Glass is a material that will give your interior a modern look. If you want to give it a unique character, you can use one of the decoration methods that we offer:

Decorating glass gives designers a huge arsenal of solutions, e.g. laminating glass panels replacing ceramic tiles in the kitchen with any color or pattern, sandblasting allows, among other things, to create intimate spaces in an office building made of glass, stained glass will fill the interior with beautiful light, and painting creates an effect similar to stained glass in much less weight.

Piaskowanie szkła
Wycinanie wzorów w szkle
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Laminowanie szkła
Piaskowanie szkła

Glass sandblasting

Sandblasting is the process of matting glass with a jet of sand under high pressure. This allows you to decorate the glass with any patterns. With this technique, you can obtain frosted patterns on transparent glass or transparent patterns on frosted glass.

Glass sandblasting is used, among others, in glass doors, glass office walls, as well as in elements of visual identification.

Wycinanie wzorów w szkle

Cutting patterns in glass

A modern machine for cutting glass with water (Waterjet) also allows you to create any pattern on the background surface. Possibility to decorate elements with dimensions up to 1500 by 2800 millimeters.

Witraże ze szkła

Painting glass with paints

Painting with resin paints allows you to create any patterns on glass using an unlimited range of colors.

Painted glass has high mechanical, chemical and light resistance to UV radiation.

It is many times lighter than traditional lead-bonded stained glass. When creating glass, we use the best and properly selected paints. We provide our partners with a satisfactory visual effect and durability of the print.

Glass lamination

Laminated glass is created by permanently joining two or more glass panes using a special foil that holds the glass fragments after breaking the glass and reduces the risk of injury.

Depending on the requirements, e.g. for decorative purposes, you can choose different foil colors, laminate graphics, photos, etc. Such solutions are used, among others, in wall panels, replacing ceramic tiles.